Software Development

  • Setting up a maintainable and future proof architecture
  • Moving forward with your current softwarebase
  • Assess the quality of your current codebase or a codebase you want to acquire.

Product Development

  • Complete process of bringing a new product to market.
  • Development area focuses on the broadcasters industry.

Agile Consultancy

  • Increasing the effectiveness and adoption of an agile development process.
  • Guidance on implementing Scrum or Kanban.


Ruben Jonker

Microsoft Certified Professional
Certified Scrum Master

Ambitious. No nine to five mentality. Results-oriented. Team player. Passionate. Social. Driven to get the best out of myself.

I started as a Web Developer and through the years developed myself into an experienced Lead Architect/Developer and Scrum Master at different organisations. I have a broad technical knowledge, but my focus as a Solution Architect was mainly on the Microsoft stack. On the operational side I helped organisations with introducing and using Scrum and became competent with solving the challenges that arise in an agile work environment.

I am a social person with a positive and energetic mindset. My work gives me energy and I am driven to get the best out of myself and the people I work with. I like projects in which more people are involved, especially when I am asked to motivate and enthuse them. I am fast paced and flexible. That is why I am capable of adapting to rapidly changing circumstances.

For a full overview of my technical knowledge is best to look at my LinkedIn profile. I'm currently focused on:

.NET Core (C#)
Kubernetes (AKS)
Cloud solutions
React & Angular

Experience as an employee or contractor at organisations you might know

RTL Nederland B.V.
Zorginstituut Nederland
A.S.R. Verzekeringen
CZ Groep Zorgverzekeraar


Grafelijkheidsweg 50
Dordrecht 3328EM
Kvk: 77130847